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Nov 18, 2009

Cabal Slot Drop Hack

Do you looking cabal slot drop hack ? You can use hack 2slot drop until level 132. Before you use cheat slot drop cabal, you must have cheat engine. How to use slot drop hack :
1. Use your bypass to launch cabal window but dont login yet.
2. Open your cheat engine.
3. on the top left corner, click on the monitor icon with magnifying glass.
4. scroll down til you see cabalmain.exe double click it.
5. now your cabal is ready to be exploited

6. login any of your character in cabal other than your hacking character.
7. on your cheat engine window under first scan button put your character's lvl that you login say you login lvl1 put 1
8. click on first scan, and it will scan for addresses.
9. alot of addresses will be seen on the leftside f your cheat engine window .
10. now relogin your cabal character to your hacking character.

11. back to cheat engine window, under new scan and next scan button put your character's lvl say 125 put 125 and click next scan.
12. you will notice on the leftside corner of your cheat engine window you can now only see 1 or 2 addresses.
13. double click on the first address.
14. it will go to the bottom part of your cheat engine.
15. under the value window change the value from 125 to 126

16. on your cabal window you notice your character lvl changed to 126.
17. you can now equip bos and bo7c.
18. make sure your slot for bracelet is not empty or else you will dc. put adept bracelets first.
19. after equipping we go to stacking dmg now.
20. Open your autoclick window under clicks you put 7000(this you can experiment. the number of intervals is the number of clicks or so called stacking the higher you put the higher the dmg and for 7coins the higher drop rate of 2slot).

21. under auto click hotkey put F7 or F8 or F9 (your key to stack)
22. under click interval 1/10s put 1

thx beggars

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Oct 27, 2009

AsCabal Damage Hack

Do you looking for Ascabal damage hack ? AsCabal is private server cabal. How to use ascabal hack ?
1. extract .rar file
2. run start-cabal.bat

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Sep 20, 2009

Cabal Experimentation of Mine

Below list cabal experimentation of mine, you can dupe using cheat engine.
05 = Orb/Crystal
06 = Blade/Katana
07 = Great Sword/Daikatana
08 = suit
09 = glove
10 = boots
11 = helm
12 = helm (again?)
15 = ring
16 = amulet

17 = epaulette
19 = unknown
22 = board or bike (!!)
27 = "spetial potion"
28 = (?) helper T message (?)
29 = slot extender
31 = craft lvl stuff (item for craft lvl rank up)
32 = earring
33 = bracelet
35 = core enhancer

38 = fast dc, but guess some kind of costume
43 = recover some kind of penality
44 = change kit
45 = rename card (make you dc)
49 = (another) Epaulette
50 = Guild Emblem Item
51 = PET o.O (Anima lune probably)
56 = X-Gen card
58 = "the item can be used only when in a Mission Battlefield"
59 = Legacy Weapon

the goldencoolsam

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Sep 14, 2009

Dupe Cabal Hack

Do you looking for dupe cabal hack ? Accesories dupe cabal hacks works for paradox server, cabal ph and elite cabal. Before, you must download cheat engine and have titanium blade in inventory. How to use cabal dupe hacks :
1. open cheat engine
2. search titanium blade and change 4 bytes
3. choose the first address in line and right click on it
4. choose memory browse, you can see there lot of 00 find 06
5. change it into 15 (15 for ring, 32 for earring, and 33 for bracelet)

thx perfectoclan elit

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